who are we?

it's quite simple.  We started as a cocktail infusion company and then one day we were like, "we don't even drink like that. wtf are we doing?"

Hi! We are Walter and Kathy. Partners in DRNK., love and the life we live. We started off as besties and then realized we were soul mates. Now that the mushy stuff is out of the way, allow us to tell you more about DRNK.

DRNK. started as a cocktail infusion company. We would create recipes, dehydrate fruits + veggies, hand pack bottles, jar, etc and sell them to local businesses and direct to customers. It was very important for us to share how our cocktail infusions could be enjoyed through content but we honestly didn't drink enough to sustain it. That's when it hit us. Let's pivot and turn this company into something that is us and would challenge our creativity but still be fun.

Our dreams came true as we began the journey of ready to drink, booze-free cocktails. After a few months, we realized we were not only building a business but also a community. We researched, curated and now offer other non-alcoholic brands, as well.

We sell an intentional and focused selection of non-alcoholic wine, spirits, beer and cocktails. You can also find a collection of garnishes, accessories and other things to celebrate your best drink life. You'll find us IRL throughout Maryland and Washington D.C. We are here to normalize booze-free good times and change the conversation from "why aren't you drinking?" to "can I have a sip?"

promise we will post a pic soon.