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Sparkling Riesling

Sparkling Riesling

GOODVINES Sparkling Riesling non-alcoholic is the stylish and natural alternative to sweet lemonades, juice spritzers and alcoholic beverages.

The basis for this high-quality and adult pleasure is a fruity-tart Riesling, whose lively acidity perfectly complements the natural sweetness of the Riesling grape. Thus, it skillfully maintains the balance between fruity-sweet and tart enjoyment. A dash of carbonic acid highlights the lively aroma of yellow fruits. Its harmonious freshness and stimulating acidity on the palate make it an ideal alternative.  It sparkles pale yellow in the glass and is harmoniously light and unobtrusive.

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    GOODVINES is more than just alcohol-free wine. GOODVINES embodies an attitude towards life, self-determination and a new drinking culture.

    Ideal for those who are looking for first-class non-alcoholic pleasure and want to refresh themselves in style and naturally.

Meet The Maker

GOODVINES is a young, modern enterprise based in Heidelberg, Germany. Our Mission is to produce genuine and enjoyable non-alcoholic wines. We combine the high standards of the best wine making traditions with the desire of a carefree enjoyment. Our grapes are carefully selected for the gentle dealcoholization process.



Is there any sugar added?

To guarantee the best purity and taste, we refrain from using any artificial flavours, granulated sugar and other common additives.

Where is GOODVINES made?

GOODVINES is made and shipped from Germany.

Do I need to let my GOODVINES wine breathe?

Yes. We recommend you let your wine breathe for at least 5 minutes.

Who should drink GOODVINES?

GOODVINES is a way of life and the perfect drink for everyone who wants to enjoy the taste of wine without alcohol.