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Caldwell Single Serve Cocktail Kits

Caldwell Single Serve Cocktail Kits

DIY booze-free cocktails.  Just add........  Each kit comes with mixer, garnish and stir stick to make a single serve cocktail.  Depending on the cocktail, you will add water, coffee, lemonade or maybe even cranberry juice.

Can be enjoyed as is or add your favorite NA spirit.

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    Whether you want a cocktail for you or making it for your crew; Caldwell makes amazing cocktail kits. Kits include mixer, garnish and stir stick.

  • Have Cocktails. Will Travel.

    Enjoying a booze-free cocktail is now easier than ever. Take them with your on your next flight, getaway or to the office. Who doesn't need a mid-afternoon cocktail?

Meet The Maker

Caldwell is all about a great cocktail. Summed up as simple, complex, instant, handcrafted and tasty AF.

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What do I add to make a cocktail?

It depends on the cocktail kit, you've chosen. Some are mixed with apple cider, club soda and even water.

Does each kit come with a garnish?

Most of the kits come with a garnish of some sort. It can be a fruit garnish, rimming salt or edible flowers.

How will I know which glass to use?

Caldwell cocktail kits have the recommended glassware for each cocktail.