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Monday Whiskey

Monday Whiskey

Flavor Profile:
On the nose, butterscotch, raisin, and toasted brown sugar. The palate presents roasted coffee, rich caramel, and warm molasses. The finish is long with spicy heat down the middle and a hint of orange.

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    Drink Monday and stick to your gameplan. Whether you're paleo, keto, gluten-free, low-carb, or a parent, entrepeneur, athlete, or just an all-out-go-getter who wants to stay sharp, cheers with Monday to live your best life.

Meet The Maker

Crafted with care from natural ingredients at our Southern California distillery, Monday's non-alcoholic spirits are a labor of love — our way of helping alcohol-avoiders (like us!) enjoy a proper adult beverage today without worrying about how you'll feel tomorrow.

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Monday FAQ

Does it really taste like the hard stuff?

YES! We’ve sourced the finest ingredients for our award winning distiller to produce spot-on flavor profiles. Monday Gin is just like your favorite London-dry style spirit that’s complex, aromatic, and even finishes with the familiar kick of a fine adult beverage. Monday Whiskey is an All American that pairs perfectly with bitters on the rocks, simply with cola or ginger ale, or in a classic cocktail (hello Old Fashioned, Manhattan, and Whiskey Sour). And Monday Mezcal can be sipped simply, paired with fresh citrus, south of the border heat, or chocolate, or enjoyed in agave spirit classics like a Margarita, Paloma, Sunrise, or Oaxaca Old Fashioned. Salud!

Where is Monday made?

Monday is born and raised in our backyard - San Diego, CA. We know the stakes are high launching in the capital of craft (they’ve been known to escort sub-par drink makers to the county line - true story), but we’re up to the task and take pride in what we’ve created.

Is Monday Gin a bit cloudy looking or is it just me?

Yes indeed, our liquid is cloudy! This is due to our unique process that expels the natural oils from the juniper berries and other botanicals to give us the bold flavor profile we want minus the alcohol we don't =) If we were in the beer world, you could liken us to Hazy IPAs in this way. Enjoy a few ounces over ice with a bit of nice tonic and squeeze of fresh lime if handy. Cheers!

Does Monday have calories, allergens or sugar?

Not. One. Single. Calorie. Monday is free from all the “Big-8” allergens (egg, milk, fish, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts, soy beans). Monday spirits are sugar free.

Does Monday have trace alcohol like other foods and beverages?

Yes, we contain between 0.3-0.5% ABV. This is on par with the alcohol content found in a ripe banana, about 2-3x less than the bun on a typical burger, and up to 7x less alcohol than the soy sauce on your poke bowl. Who knew, right?! #mindblown

What is the shelf life and do I need to refrigerate Monday?

We’re best poured up to 6 months after opening.

No refrigeration needed. We’re happy to sit at the bar or in your liquor cabinet keeping your other spirits company.

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