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Ritual Zero Proof

Zero Proof Gin

Zero Proof Gin

Crafted to replace gin, one-to-one, in the drinks you already know and love, like a Gin & Tonic or a Gimlet. With all-natural flavors like juniper, angelica root, and cucumber, you'll experience the bright flavor and crisp bite of gin without the alcohol or calories, for conscious consumption that leaves you at your best.

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  • Ritual Began Because We Love To Drink

    Ritual isn't an or — it's an and. Celebrate tonight and crush your morning workout. Do a dry month and enjoy your evening cocktail. Drink traditional liquor and choose Ritual when you just want the experience. With balance, you can have more of everything.

Meet The Makers

Because we care what we put in our glass, our recipes are labors of love. Because we care what we put in our bodies,our flavors are all-natural with no allergens.

Because we care about how we treat the environment, our packaging and shipping minimize waste. And because life is short, our company is still a group of friends. There are just more of us now. Here’s to friends clinking glasses – whatever may be in them.

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Ritual FAQ

Does it really taste the same?

Sure, you can tell the difference between Ritual and traditional liquor the same way you can tell the difference between a primo veggie burger and a cow. But Ritual has captured the essence of traditional tequila, rum, gin, and whiskey. And it has the bite you need as the foundation of a proper drink. At the end of the day, both deliver terrific experiences. Now you just have the choice.

How is it made?

First, we use all-natural botanical flavors (organic where we can get ‘em). “Botanicals” is a fancy word for “plants”; ours are distilled individually to lock in their purest flavor, then carefully blended to create a sophisticated profile. From Siberian pine to Mexican blue agave to American oak, we use the essences that make the spirits you love. The batches are microfiltered, and every bottle is date stamped for freshness. The result is a delicious alternative to delicious originals.

What about calories? Gluten? Allergens?

Our gin and tequila alternatives have no calories at all. Our whiskey and rum alternatives have a few (10, to be precise), because, well, whiskey and rum are sweet. That sweetness comes from natural sugars, not unlike the sweetness of traditional whiskey and rum. There’s no gluten. No peanuts or tree-nuts. And again, it's non-alcoholic.

Some companies sell non-alcoholic products that actually contain alcohol — around 0.5%. Is your product truly alcohol-free, as in 0%?

Unlike many NA products, we are not an "alcohol removed" spirit. Ritual is crafted from the ground up, like cooking a great meal, and so never has proof to begin with.

Of course, scientifically speaking, alcohol occurs naturally in trace amounts in many foods and beverages. Fun fact: bananas have more alcohol in them than Ritual Zero Proof.

Are your products vegan?

We are not a certified vegan product because we use traditional sugar.

Is this like wine, I need to drink the whole bottle or dump it?

Nope. Ritual is good for 12 weeks after opening.

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