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Dry Sparkling ROSÉ

Dry Sparkling ROSÉ

TÖST ROSÉ bottles are all-natural, delicious, dry, sparkling non-alcoholic beverages with white tea, Ginger and Elderberry. 

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    All natural ingredients and extracts. Nothing but. We triple filter our water & use a bit of agave for balance and taste. Serious and straight forward, with a bit of sweet is what comes naturally.

Meet The Maker

TÖST is carefully crafted using only the finest all natural ingredients. From the original team of culinary experts who created TÖST to the many partners across the country who help us bring each and every serving to market, we remain humbled and grateful for the genuine effort that is put forth daily to create each bottle of TÖST.



What does your name mean?

We believe that TÖST stands for good times with good friends who make good choices and experience good taste. TÖST can be shared by anyone, anytime, anywhere to celebrate life’s moments.

What are the ingredients?

TÖST is Carbonated Water, Organic Blue Agave, White Tea, White Cranberry Concentrate, Natural Ginger Extract, Natural Citrus Extract with other Natural Flavors, Citric Acid, and Quinine.

TÖST ROSÉ is Carbonated Water, Cane Sugar, White Tea, White Cranberry and Elderberry Concentrate, Natural Ginger and Citrus Extract with other Natural Flavors, and Citric Acid.

What's the best way to open the bottle?

TÖST beverages can get excited during travel so we suggest chilling them upright then opening ever slowly to let the pressure out. Colder temperature alone help should reduce some of the bubbly overflow.

Does it contain caffeine or have calories?

The amount of caffeine is less than what you would find in a decaf cup of coffee, or as measured about 3.5 mgs per each 8 ounce serving glass which we consider to be one way to experience the beverage.

TÖST is 45 calories and TÖST ROSÉ has 40 calories…so both have way less than that soda or juice you were drinking.

You can enjoy TÖST and TÖST ROSÉ anytime and trust that the experience is a healthy alternative to some of the other non-alcoholic options.

Does it contain sugar? Is it gluten-free?

TÖST has 11 grams and TÖST ROSÉ has 10 grams per 8 oz serving.

Yes! TÖST AND TÖST ROSÉ are both Gluten Free!