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UNLTD. Lager

UNLTD. Lager

This thirst quencher lager has light citrus aromas, a hint of honey and caramel then rounded off with a subtly bitter finish.

It’s a lager that’s high in vitamins and low in carbs, vegan friendly and Gluten free, this is a lager which is actually good for you. This is a lager that just by drinking it, you are contributing to a healthier lifestyle.

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    All natural ingredients and extracts. Nothing but. We triple filter our water & use a bit of agave for balance and taste. Serious and straight forward, with a bit of sweet is what comes naturally.

Meet The Maker

I love beer. From the age that I was legally allowed to drink in bars and pubs (and maybe a year or two before that), I enjoyed drinking and the nights out that came with it. And of course, I tended to overdo it. It kind of made me think. I decided maybe it was time to take a break from alcohol. I’d been looking for an alcohol-free beer that didn’t actually taste like an alcohol-free beer. And I tried a lot, but none quite hit the nail on the head. And, as a direct result of that fruitless quest, UNLTD. was born.



Are your beers vegan?

Some breweries use isinglass (Isinglass is basically fish bladders, and whether you’re vegan or not you’d have to admit that it sounds fairly disgusting). It allows brewers to filter out excess yeast, and makes the liquid appear clearer. The isinglass bonds with the yeast, and drags it down to the bottom of the fermenter, where it’s easily extracted.

Here at UNLTD, we’re not fans of the fish mash. Our brewing process and ingredients are 100% plant-based!

What gives it such a good taste?

We went to endless efforts to test and perfect the best beer we could. Our master brewer has mastered the art of craft beer brewing for full flavour without the alcohol. UNLTD. only uses the highest quality British ingredients, we don't compromise so that you get a premium product every time. Unlike many other Alcohol Free beers who extract the alcohol after the brewing process, UNLTD. uses a brewing technique where the alcohol content never exceeds 0.5% ABV. We think this is the best way to keep as much flavour as possible. If this isn't making you thirsty, we don't know what will!

Where is it made?

UNLTD. is made and shipped from the UK.